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                          SPORTS RESOURCES

                          1. A to Z Encyclopedia of Ice Hockey
                          2. AmericaSportsWire
                          3. Arizona Diamondbacks - Official Home Page
                          4. - "The largest baseball history site on the Net. No news, no scores, nothing but facts about the game dating back to its very origin."
                          5. Baseball-Reference.com - baseball statistics browsable by player teams, leagues, leaders, awards, postseason, and managers.
                          6. - can't make it to Springfield? Tour the hall online or talk hoops with other net-heads.
                          7. - information on both recreational and competitive bowling with databases for bowling centers and events as well as a pro shop, a records archive, and an instructional area.
                          8. Bowling Universe, The - "Shop from a great selection of bowling balls, bags, shoes, and accessories. From great brands like Hammer, Storm, Brunswick, DV8, Roto Grip and more."
                          9. CBC Sports
                          10. College Football Web Site
                          11. CricInfo -"The home of cricket on the Internet."
                          12. - "Daily Fantasy Cafe is one of the largest daily fantasy sports communities online. We help daily fantasy players make more money through community support, strategy and tools."
                          13. - "DFS STRATEGY is a Premium Provider of Strategy, Analysis and News for Daily Fantasy Sports. Win Money in Daily Fantasy Sports Contests Today!"
                          14. - "Our sole purpose is to provide you with live depth charts and analysis for NFL, NBA & MLB. Click a league to get find your team’s depth chart."
                          15. DunkFeed - "Dunkfeed.com - The official site of news, basketball guide, and reviews of the top products in Basketball."
                          16. ESPN
                          17. FantasyFootballFreaks - "It's time to start thinking about your weekly lineups for FanDuel and DraftKings. Multiple sports in progress now to put your expertise to work on."
                          18. FantasyFootballers - "Learn about the top fantasy football leagues offering legal real money contests to USA players and receive big bonuses when signing up!"
                          19. - "Visit Fencing.Net to learn all about the Olympic sport of fencing, find a fencing club near you, learn about fencing gear, and get training tips and drills to improve your dueling skills."
                          20. Frontsmother - "Find comprehensive goalkeeping guide with latest news and tips for goalkeepers and goalkeeper coaching right here!"
                          21. Golf.com - "GOLF.com has golf news, golf instruction, golf equipment, golf courses, golf resorts and golf videos. GOLF.com also has the latest news about Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Michelle Wie, PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and Champions Tour."
                          22. Golf - CBS.com - "Visit CBSSports.com for the latest in PGA golf news. CBSSports.com provides PGA golf coverage as well as LPGA golf coverage including news, notes and previews."
                          23. GolfNow.com - "GolfNow.com provides discount golf tee times at over 5,000 golf courses. Call 800.767.3574 to book your tee time in USA, Canada, Bermuda, Mexico, Ireland or Scotland."
                          24. - "Everything Golf on the Web"
                          25. - America's "Ambassadors of Goodwill."
                          26. - standings and scoring statistics of every professional hockey team to play since 1926-27
                          27. Hockey Hall of Fame - The official site of hockey's shrine to its past features a virtual tour of the museum's many exhibits as well as extensive biographical and statistical information on hockey's greatest players.
                          28. Hockey News, The
                          29. Inside Hoops - "Find basketball news, hot rumors, expert analysis, fan editorials, interviews, rankings, game results, tons of features & info, polls, forums, free email accounts, and FUN - DAILY."
                          30. Irish Legends - "A gathering place for people who have a passion for the University of Notre Dame, it's history, and it's football team."
                          31. - "Real-time lineups fueled by data science"
                          32. Link-To-All-Sports - Sports at your fingertips
                          33. - Lineup Lab is an advanced MLB, NBA, & NFL lineup optimizer for Fanduel & Draftkings.
                          34. Maple Leafs Hot Stove - "Join our community of die-hard Leaf aficionados; let our writers - and commentors - increase your knowledge; learn more about hockey and your favourite team, the Toronto Maple Leafs."
                          35. - Major League Baseball Home Page
                          36. - The best free interactive sports entertainment and prizes on the Web. Includes Two Minute Warning, Bullpen Ace, and a sneak peek at The Sporting News.
                          37. - Official Site of the National Basketball Assoc.
                          38. NBC Sports
                          39. National Baseball Hall of Fame, The - "The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum is a not-for-profit educational institution dedicated to fostering an appreciation of the historical development of the game and its impact on our culture..."
                          40. - National Football League Home Page
                          41. NFL Players Association - Site of the National Football League Players Association, the officially recognized union for NFL players.
                          42. - National Hockey League Official Web Site
                          43. - Events in baseball history are chronicled for every day of the year in an easy-to-use calendar format. In addition, there is a search engine available which makes finding information about specific players or records very simple to do.
                          44. RedZone, The - NFL News and Links
                          45. Retrosheet - Baseball statistics from 1900 to the present.
                          46. - Helps you find your next pair of running shoes in a neutral, unbiased and transparent way.
                          47. Runner's World - running magazine, geared towards both competitive runners as well as those who run for fitness or simply to lose weight. Contains cover stories and several regular columns from the current issue plus the previous four months.
                          48. - the Exploratorium takes the mound with interactive exhibits, articles, and activities.
                          49. - SKY TV is the main satellite sports channel carrier for Europe and SkySports Online is its Internet companion.
                          50. SmokyMountains.com - "Are you planning a trip to the Smoky Mountains? We have original reviews and photos of lodging, restaurants, shows, attractions, and the National Park."
                          51. Sports Fitness - This feature page from the U.S. National Library of Medicine, combines the latest news in sports medicine with information on nutrition and specific conditions and aspects of keeping fit while participating in strenuous activities.
                          52. Sports Illustrated
                          53. - "Why does spinning a ball make it curve? Why do I feel sore after I exercise? What is the physics of skateboarding? Find the answers to these and many other sport science questions at this fascinating site put together by the people at the Exploratorium in San Francisco."
                          54. Super Bowl - NFL
                          55. - Guide to Mountaineering in the Tatra Mountains situated between Poland and Slovakia.
                          56. TennisWorld "Tennis World is a portal dedicated to everything about the sport of tennis. We strive to provide our readers with daily news updates from around the tennis world, as well as tennis tips and lessons so that fans can improve their own game."
                          57. - official online home of the Texas Rangers, including schedule, ticketing, merchandise, player, team and ballpark information.
                          58. TSN - The Sports Network- Canada
                          59. USA Today - Sports - All Sports Scores - Updates Every 2 Minutes
                          60. WashingtonPost.com Sports
                          61. WorkoutTrainingReview.com - "This website is designed to help people find a video workout program that works for them. We give details and information about all the program's exercises to help one make their decision. We also create detailed electronic workout schedules, for the ease of our costumers. Along with break downs for all the nutrition facts in the workout specific meal plans."
                          62. Tiger Woods - Official Site of Tiger Woods,

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